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Dr. Cristy Kessler is a true stem cell pioneer and CEO of Cristy Kessler Consulting, a firm designed to assist everyday patients and caregivers with easy access to research related to chronic illness. Her expertise includes implementing proven research techniques to find current breakthroughs in all chronic diseases, summarizing available treatment options, and providing easy to understand data so patient/caregiver can make the best, unbiased decisions related to medical care. Cristy focuses on saving you time spent on the computer, making calls, and reading medical textbooks by doing the background work necessary to understand chronic illness.  Read More

5 S.T.E.P.S. to Being Your Own Patient Advocate 

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5 S.T.E.P.S. to Being Your Own Patient Advocate

My transplant and my story are unique. I could NOT have my transplant done in the United States of America. I wasn’t dead enough, the FDA had not approved SCT for my autoimmune diseases yet, and I did not fit nicely into a FDA sanctioned research study. Facing disability from work and a slow death, I had two choices: Wait to die; Or learn to live! I chose to live and this meant I needed to find someone in the world who believed that healthcare needs to be proactive, not reactive. With my faith, teaching expertise, and internet determination, I found my answers. Uncover my 5 STEPS to surviving healthcare and buy your own copy here.

What Others Are Saying About Dr. Kessler’s Book

 “…As I have been grappling with a progressive genetic disability, a condition that baffled more than one specialist before finally being pinned down, I can certainly relate to Cristy’s frustration with the way things are typically handled. Each of the five steps will equip the patient with what is needed to successfully be their own advocate in this utmost area of importance, your own wellbeing,” J. C. Kennedy

“Cristy Kessler’s compelling journey from a life threatening illness to health is spellbinding. But her book does more than inspire. It provides practical steps that every person confronting an illness can utilize. Her book just may be one of the best gifts you can give yourself or any person caught between their illness and the medical bureaucracy that too often stands between the patient and their physician,” Dionysus Publications” The Reverend Dr. Dennis R. Maynard

“Dr. Kessler’s book is one of hope. She equips readers with techniques for navigating the world of health care. The language is clear th​rough​out the book giving guidance and inspiration. The 5 STEPS gives tools to heal the body, emotions, mind and spirit. It provides understanding of one’s purpose in life, ” Libby Spence, Jackson-Butts County Public Library

“Still reading, but WOW how I feel like you wrote this for me. Thank you Cristy Kessler!” Suzanne Mitchell



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